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What Is Tennis Leg and How Do You Treat It?

The area of the injury is tender to touch and the athlete usually can’t walk on it. If they do walk, they’ll walk on the toes to prevent the ankle from bending upward, which would stretch the calf and cause more pain. Tennis Leg Treatment. The sooner you treat the injury, the better. Apply ice and elevate the leg above the heart.

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A Physical Therapist can treat tennis leg and implement prevention strategies necessary to get you back on the court safely and quickly. Injuries to the lower leg are common in tennis due to the high demand of the sport and the repetitive, quick movements required. Tennis leg is an incomplete tear or rupture of the calf muscle in the lower leg.

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Tennis leg may be a common injury among tennis players and other athletes, but it can produce debilitating pain and the inability to walk in anyone. Any action where leg extension is met with a forceful push-off of the foot and ankle base can result in rupture of the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle.

Surgical treatment of gastrocnemius muscle ruptures

Rupture of the medial head of the gastrocnemius, known as "tennis leg", typically occurs when the muscle has been overstretched by dorsiflexion of the ankle with full knee extension. The classic clinical presentation is a middle-aged person who complains of sports-related acute pain in the mid porti …

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Tennis Leg. The term Tennis Leg refers to an acute medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle tear in the older athlete characterized by sudden onset of severe calf pain and significant disability. The injury is invariably associated with extensive bruising and swelling, and can be mistaken for a deep venous thrombosis.

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To the Editor:— The article "Tennis Leg" by Froimson (209:415, 1969) was complete with the exception of treatment.Supportive therapy is outlined but no mention is made regarding local injection of 1 cc of 2% procaine mixed with 1 cc of prednisolone suspension, 20 mg/cc, into the area of maximum tenderness, as specific treatment.

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Muscle injuries in the calf are a relatively common clinical condition 1 – 6, and are also termed “tennis leg” in general because of the prevalence in that sport 3, 7. However, middle-aged or older patients, usually over the age of 40, often present with lower leg muscle injuries following strenuous exercise or sometimes innocuous activity. 5

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Tennis leg is a painful injury as a result of a tear to the tissue inside the calf. This tear is often incomplete and thus only halfway down the calf. Despite mostly affecting only the calf, the injury is extremely debilitating often putting athletes out of play immediately.