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GLOSSARY – Learn the Terms Welcome to Volleyball.Com’s learn the terms page! We’ve compiled the best information available and created the most thorough volleyball terms list on the internet. Stay on top of volleyball terminology with Volleyball.Com. ACE – A serve that is not passable and results immediately in a point. ANTENNA – The vertical rods (normally white and red) mounted ...

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21 vs 15: To win a match, a team must win 2 out of 3 sets. Each set goes to 21 points, but you must win by 2 and there is no cap (we have had matches go 32-30). If each team wins one set, they enter the third set which only goes to 15 points (again, win by 2 with no cap).

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General Volleyball Terms. We have organized these volleyball terms and descriptions for those of you who are interested in coaching volleyball. If you’re a new volleyball coach looking to expand your knowledge, this is one place to start.

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Line Serve: A straight-ahead serve landing near the opponent’s left sideline. Line Shot: A ball spiked along an opponent’s sideline, closest to the hitter and outside the block. Line-ball: A ball which hits the line. It is considered to be in bounds. Lines: The marks that serve as boundaries of a court. 2 inches (5cm) wide.

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An A-to-Z List of Volleyball Terms and Their Meaning. For volleyball players, this list of terms can come in handy, as it can teach them the basic terms used in the game. This knowledge is very important, no matter how good the player is or at what level he plays.

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Lines: The marks that serve as boundaries of a court. 2 inches (5cm) wide.Lineup: Players serving order, which reflects their starting position on the court. Linesman: Officials located at the corners of the court; each linesman is responsible for ruling if the ball is legally in play alongthe lines for which or she is responsible.

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Coaching Terms - Volleyball Terminology. Volleyball Coach A coach is the person in charge of a team. Coaches make all the big decisions for the team submitting the line up, calling time-outs, communicating with referees, etc. Volleyball Referee The referee is the person controlling the flow

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End line – The two lines that run the width of the court are called “end lines”. They are each 30 ft long and designate the end boundary of the court. At most levels, a server must contact the ball with out stepping on this line to serve. Center line – The line that runs the width of the court under the net is called the “center line ...